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Keyword groups

You can use keyword groups in:


Performance Performance

Performance Competition



You can group together your keywords in groups. So, in some tables or graphs you can distribute your overall score into scores by group of keywords. On others, you can add the individual results of several keywords into a single overall result.
Setting keyword groups is optional.


Note :
The same keyword can belong to several groups.
A group of keywords is only valid in the project for which it has been created.


What is the point?

You can structure your reports by displaying logic groups.
Here is an example for the camera business:




Compact camera




"Generic keywords" group

Canon EOS 550d

Nikon D90

"Model keywords" group


You can imagine other classifications:

  • Generic keywords / long chain keywords
  • Keywords for profession1 / Keywords for profession2 / Keywords profession3

In fact, the choice is limitless. It is up to you to find the classifications which work best for you.



How can I create keyword groups?

A keyword group is only valid for a single project. You will therefore need to create keyword groups within each project.

You can either use the "Manage your groups" link at the top of the screen;
or the shortcuts provided in the "Filter" zone.


Manage the groups

The window opposite opens.


To create a group:

1. Click on the Create a group button, and give it a name

2. In the area on the left, select the keywords you wish to add to the group

3. Drag these into the area on the right (or use the arrows)



management of groups

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